Our Programs

A  primary healthcare outreach program at no cost to the client. The program operates out of a 27 foot mobile van with a VOLUNTEER staff of qualified health professionals. Here are some of the services we offer:



  • Health assessment and referrals
  • Glucose testing
  • Blood Pressure monitoring
  • Simple wound care
  • Dressing change
  • Foot care
  • Ear irrigation
  • Medications provided free of charge
  • Health promotion strategies
  • Assistance to obtain I.D, Care card, Income assistance, Disability
  • Educational material for health teaching: Diabetes, Hepatitis C, Addictions
  • Lending cupboard: crutches, walkers, walking casts, canes

    What we added…

    The Care-A-Van does not duplicate services but rather seeks to identify gaps and develop innovative strategies to address these issues.

    Program #2: CLOTHING PROGRAM

    As soon as the program was launched, the need for clothing was identified. A supply of coats, mitts, boots, hats, socks, gloves, and in the summer caps, shorts and tops are provided at no cost. The Care-A-Van gives out thousands of items of clothing per year.

    This is what we added after 6 months ….

        Program #3: OPTOMETRY SERVICES

    Eye exams and eye wear provided at no cost to those with medical conditions that threaten the health of their eyes.

    and after one year of operation…

    Program #4: DENTAL SERVICES

    From September to May

    Dental exams and treatments provided at no cost to clients who receive Income Assistance, Persons With Disability (PWD), and Persons With Multiple Barriers (PWMB).

    Program #5: DENTURE PROGRAM

    Added January 2014

    Dentures are provided at no cost to clients who receive Income Assistance, Persons With Disability (PWD), and Persons With Multiple Barriers (PWMB).


  • Added April 2014
  • Services of a certified counsellor provided on a bi-weekly basis on site at Maple Pool Campground.

  • Added April 2015
  • Hearing testing available at no cost every second Friday of the month in front of St. George’s United Church from 11 to 12:30 PM. Assistance provided to access hearing aids deemed essential.

    In addition, because of its mobility, the Care-A-Van is often first on the streets attending to immediate needs that arise during changes in our weather:

    • During floods
    • During flu season
    • During cold weather warnings
    • During heat waves
    • During water advisories


    Our action oriented non-profit society continues to offer small, cost effective interventions that bring significant effect to the well-being of our homeless population.


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